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At LHP, we believe everyone has a message worth sharing and we hope we're the ones to help you make that a reality.

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While becoming a published author is certainly an accomplishment, we at LHP take pride in our writers’ transformations through your journey to bestseller and the global impact your stories ignite. 

We are huge believers in the power of storytelling as a means of healing, causing a ripple effect throughout the world through the written word. Our authors represent more than just books - they are stewards of inspiration for others to take leaps, moving closer to their dreams.


Upcoming & New Releases

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Lovely Disaster by Erin Hunt


Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs to Become Who You Were Meant to Be
By Janna Johnson

Coming January 11, 2024

This Thing Called Kindergarten

By Dolly Venables

Illustrations by Stephen Riggins

Released December 13, 2023

Lovely Disaster by Erin Hunt


Question Everything With Excitement
By Melissa Wiggins

Released November 27, 2023


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Since day one, our mission has been to create a sacred and transparent space for writers, allowing them to own 100% of their book rights, royalties, and direction of their brand.


Unlike most houses, our focus is with the writer and their journey, the book being the cherry on top. Our hope is that every author we are blessed enough to serve has a life changing experience they take with them to impact change everywhere they go.

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Writing Coaching & Ghostwriting 

Enroll in Private VIP Coaching, our Bestselling Author Book Cohort, or with an Experienced Ghostwriter to develop your manuscript.



Support with a seasoned editor through the developmental review, editing, flow, layout, and proofreading process.

Book Cover Design

Book Cover Design

Guidance in creating a compelling book cover, including fonts, colors, elements, images, and style that fits your brand and vision.

Marketing & Publishing

Marketing & Publishing

Learn what a successful Bestseller Launch entails in pre and post-launch phases and how to get your book out to the world.

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Samantha Joy


I am so glad to have you here and to share the world of publishing!


After writing and releasing my first book, The Less Effect in March of 2018 which became a #1 Bestseller, I fell in love with the process and immediately knew this was my calling. Birthing my story was the most cathartic experience I had ever had and the transformations that have occurred with my author clients since then is nothing like I’ve ever seen in all my years of life coaching.

When I embarked on my path as a writing coach, I quickly realized the importance of creating a partnership with our clients through this very delicate and sacred process. I noticed a lack of transparency and sensitivity with many of the mainstream publishing companies and I knew I wanted to create something different. Shortly after, LHP was born. 

If you are ready to dive into your story and heal yourself and others with your beautiful words, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


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Paige Killian Professional Organizer, Podcaster & Best-Selling Author

Paige Killian

Professional Organizer, Podcaster & Best-Selling Author


“I’ve had the privilege of working with the incomparable Samantha Joy. Not only did she help me with publishing my book, I’ve Got You, Girlfriend! Why Getting Organized & Living This Mom Life is NOT a Solo Mission, but she also created a launch plan that enabled it to hit Bestseller in multiple categories and #1 in New Releases! Thanks to Sam and Landon Hail Press, I finally got to see the labor of love I poured into for busy moms of littles become an actual book. It was one of those lofty goals I couldn’t have achieved in such a big way without her guidance.”



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